In Homoeopathy, the more diluted a solution is, the more potent it is believed to be. But how does such a tiny amount of substance affect the body? Some theories suggest that the process of dilution and succussion creates a pattern in the water that is then transmitted to the body’s own water, affecting its electromagnetic field.

This concept is also seen in other therapies. For example, Ayurveda suggests using water that has been in contact with precious metals like gold, believing it gains healing properties from the metal without any actual transfer of molecules.

The effects of micro-doses have been observed in various contexts. Scientists call this phenomenon hormesis. Michigan State University researchers used micro-doses of fertilizer to increase crop production significantly.

Our bodies also produce hormones in minute amounts that have powerful effects. For example, thyroid hormone, present in blood at 1 part per 10 billion, regulates our metabolism.

This concept is somewhat similar to the theory of the atomic bomb, where energy is released from splitting the nuclei of heavy atoms. Similarly, in Homoeopathy, the splitting of small drug substances into even smaller atoms is believed to generate energy.

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